Tuesday, October 12, 2010

My First Levi's

Everyone knows that Levi's is known for their long history of making jeans (since 1873 to be exact) and I think it's especially great that they make affordable quality jeans in the age of $300+ denim. I personally have heard a lot from people about how much they love their Levi's (in particular the overhyped and gigantic 501 model) and have been on the hunt for a pair. I have tried on countless pairs of Levi's and have yet to find a pair ... until today!

It's a pair of blue Levi's Skinny 511 Skyscaper. I like the classic blue wash and the fit is great - fitted but not severely skinny, similar to Nudie Slim Jim. If you want the super skinny fit, you want to check out their 510 model. Considering that Levi's is mass brand, I was amazed that I had go a size bigger in the waist than normally. I have been wearing them since I got home today and I am already thinking about getting them in other colours (gray, black, raw denim, cords, etc.) Okay, maybe I should wear these new ones for a bit first :-)

Photo courtesy of Levi's


  1. Stop stealing my jeans! You and I both know I can't stop wearing my 511's and will probably only buy that cut in the near future! Jeans stealer!

  2. Oh, and thanks for consulting, but those jeans will inevitably stretch out a size ifyou wear them in properly!